Restraining Orders

Temporary Restraining Order/Protective Order Cases: TROs are emergency
orders issued to protect people from physical harm or extreme psychological
abuse. TROs are granted by the Family Court without a hearing and based on the
written statement of the person requesting the TRO. The TRO makes it a crime
for a person to come within a designated distance of another person or that
person’s home or workplace. TROs last 180 days unless extended or dissolved
by Family Court. If a TRO is granted, the Family Court sets a hearing in approximately two
weeks to determine if the TRO should be extended for a longer period of time.

At this point, the name is then changed to an “Order for Protection” because the
order is no longer temporary. As part of a TRO/protective order proceeding,
the Family Court may issue temporary custody orders for minor children of the parties
to ensure both parents and the children are protected from physical abuse or
extreme psychological abuse pending a more permanent custody decision.