Guardianship (Minor Children): Cases which give people who are not a
child’s parents the responsibility to exercise all the rights of the child’s parents.
Guardians make all decisions regarding the child including schooling, health
care, religion and general care.  Unlike an adoption, parental rights are not terminated.

Guardianship (Incapacitated Adults): Granted to give authority to make
decisions for an adult who, because of a medical or mental health problem, is
unable to make decisions. The person or people seeking guardianship must
show the adult is incapacitated and unable to make decisions for him or herself.
Typically, the treating physician of the adult alleged to be incapacitated provides
a written opinion. Once it’s been established the adult is incapacitated, the
person and/or people seeking guardianship must show they are the best people
to make decisions for the adult.