Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services Actions: Child Welfare Services, commonly known as Child Protective Services or “CPS” is an agency in the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services that investigates cases of child abuse and neglect.  Child abuse and neglect cases involve children suspected of being physically, sexually or emotionally harmed by the acts or omissions of their legal caretakers. 

If CPS decides, rightly or wrongly, that a child has been harmed by the acts or omissions of his or her legal caretaker, then CPS can remove the child from the family home and take a child into foster custody or ask the caretakers to participate in services while the child remains in the home.  Unless the child’s caretakers consent to foster custody and/or services, CPS will have to file a case in Court and have the Court take responsibility for overseeing the child’s welfare.

Child Protective Services Actions can involve many adults who care about a child’s welfare.  The actions will involve the child’s parents, legal caretakers and, in some cases, foster or resource parents.  The actions can also involve relatives both as foster or resource parents or as support systems for the child’s parents or legal caretakers. 

Both Mr. Bryant and Ms. Youmans have represented parents, legal caretakers and foster or resources parents in Child Protective Services Actions.

In Child Protective Services Actions, if the Court believes a child is at risk living with his or her parent, then the Court can terminate that parent’s rights to his or her child.  This can lead to the adoption of the child without the parent’s consent.  The parent may or may not ever see that child again. 

Any parent faced with a CPS investigation should seek an attorney as soon as possible.