Our Approach

We are committed to understanding the facts of your individual situation and determining an approach for your case that best fits your circumstances. We develop and implement that approach in consultation with you based on what is best for you and your children.

Most cases can be settled out of court. Although we are prepared to litigate cases that cannot be settled, we understand that there are many benefits to reaching a settlement.

First, you have more control over the result. The result may not be precisely what you want, but it will be what you can live with. No attorney can predict the result should you have to go to a contested hearing before a Family Court Judge. The result of a contested hearing may be less, and sometimes much less, than what could have been settled for out of Court. Second, a settlement will save you additional attorney fees and costs, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. Finally, a settlement will conclude your case in weeks or months, rather than drag out for years.

We explore reasonable settlements in analyzing your case, and will urge settlement only if we think it is fair.

It takes two sides to reach a reasonable settlement. If the other side is being unreasonable, we may have to take the case to trial. We will not urge you to settle a matter unless the other side is being fair and reasonable. This is especially true when the issue involved is the best interests of your children.

Our firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in settling cases and litigating them. Sometimes it takes a combination of the two to reach a fair resolution that is in the best interests of children.

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